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Team from Jubilee church

Team from Jubilee church

God has been gracious in the sense that He continues to strengthen the bridge between South Africa and the U.K. This week we had 5 guests from the Jubilee Church based in Bromley, UK. They however did not come to do sight –seeing as so many tourists do when they come to Cape Town. They had a different agenda and that was to come and impart knowledge into the lives of people from the community.

They did a number of short courses like: Listening and counselling skills, first – aid, c.v writing and interview skills with the community.All the courses took place and was hosted at Impact Direct Ministries. Over the years the Jubilee Church has been sending from members to come and impart their skills into the lives of people here. We as Impact Direct would like to thank the Jubilee church for sowing into the lives of many and allowing their church members to come to Cape Town.

Augustine,Luxon and Calvyn are boys who walked from Zambia to Cape Town at the age of fourteen. they are currently living at the Multi Recreational Centre in Salt River where we do ministry work every Wednesday.

December 2010 there were nine boys who still needed to be placed for the holidays and Chris and Ursula Boonzaaier family decided to take into there homes these three boys aged between 14 and 17 years old. They enjoyed Christmas lunch with them and going into the New Year as well as other outings like a trip to the Farmyard, Movies, Swimming and the games Arcade. They enjoyed having the boys for the holidays getting to know them and their cultures. Augustine loves to learn and always willing to teach the younger boys what he knows, he also loves writing songs. Augustine has a real passion for God and knows if God can take him out where he was he can do anything.

Luxon is a very quiet person and does not talk much but has a very gentle spirit, he longs to go back home to his family in Zambia. Calvyn is a scout leader in Zambia, very creative person and loves training with the weights. He loves his Zambia “pap” and is very talkative and has lots of questions about everything and misses his sister very much.

Chris and Ursula was really blessed having the boys by them for the holidays and trust that there will be other opportunities to do it again.

Source : Melanie Willie

A Day Of Fun!

We surprised some of the kids from Blikkies Dorp and the Multi Recreational Centre in Pickwick street Salt river after church on Sunday telling them we were taking them to the movies.

We spent the day having lunch first and then went off to see a movie, the children were very excited having to choose which movie that wanted to see. Having different age groups not all could watch th same movie so we split into two groups, Deon went with the younger ones to watch Megamind and Chris and Ursula went with the older group watched ‘ The Tourist’.

Our daughters bonded with the girls from Blikkies Dorp and it was nice to see how children can just be children and forget about everything else and enjoy themselves. We have been doing ministries for five years but it seems that God is really moving and touching the children as they are the ones that comes to church and don’t want to miss a Sunday or an opportunity to come to the Impact Centre to learn more about the Holy Spirit!

Scource: Melanie Willie

These pictures were taken on 29/07/2010 in Blikkies dorp. Hilary and Pete came down with a team from their church in the UK.

While here they wanted to see the feeding program in Blikkies dorp. Aunty Sharleen and Johan makes the soup to feed the children, and

the Mac’s and their team assisted on this day .They were shocked to say the least at the level of poverty ,compared to what they know and are familiar with. The amazing thing about the people in Blikkies dorp is that they were living on the street and as a church we fed

and clothed them for almost 4 & 1/2 years. And now since they living in blikkies dorp they on a waiting list to receive RDP homes, but have

in turn felt it upon their hearts to want to help others. And so we see them doing to others what was done to them.

And for this we give GOD all the glory and praise.

via Elder Deon Willie

Today the Seniors embarked on a new journey,where by they have tried their hands at creating works of art.

It seems the ladies really came into their own when asked to be creative, they were quite excited to show their artistic flare.

This is a video of Keenan Henkeman, a Teen from Bridgetown and part of “Social Media 4 Teens” a project of RLabs, dancing before God in Praise and Adoration. Keenan will be flying to Malaysia later this month to participate in a dancin contest. We wll be updating you on the details as the weeks go by.

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Having Fun with the Wii

Having Fun with the Wii

More fun with the Wii

More fun with the Wii

This morning the seniors at Impact Direct Ministries gathered for their usual Monday meetup. Michael who usually does the “How to use your mobile sessions” decided they have a session with a workout; a Wii workout.

In the above pic the seniors are enjoying a game of Wii bowling

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Via Monique Theron-Ross (www.shesthegeek.co.za Blog) (MoniqueTheron on Twitter)

Seniors having their annual games day.

Rae Goedeman (In White), busy pampering a Senior.

Rae Goedeman (In White), busy pampering a Senior.

At the Impact Centre, where RLABS is currently renting space, there are a group of women that are running a very significant project for the community. They are serving the seniors of the community by providing them with a free pampering session.

When you reach a certain age you are unable to bend down and cut your toe nails etc. When the seniors come to the Impact Centre their toe nails get cut and their feet massaged. Often when you see elderly people walking down the road limping you might think it is because of old age. Many times that is the case but also it could be because they have in-grown toe nails and that it is really painful when they walk.

Taking Care of the Elderly

Taking Care of the Elderly

The seniors not only leave the centre feeling physically good, but also feel special because someone took the time to pamper them. I would like to commend all the ladies that are involved in this project. I know that they will really be blessed for the work they are doing. God

Via Brent Williams http://brentsjourney.co.za/?p=690

Entering the Shop.

Entering the Shop.

Entering the Shop.

We met 3 weeks ago with the owner of the shop next to the dilapidated building and Bradleys uncle, who is giving his full support and backing for this initiative. The amazing thing is that his uncle is the founder of the American gang that is at present the largest gang in South Africa and responsible for most of the drug and gangster activities that is going on in the Cape Flats.

The building that we are moving into is one of the active hang out dens of this gang. This is like a movie being played out before our eyes. Only God is capable of doing something like this.

Bradley and Brent will be the two Community Developers heading this up. They were both previously involved in this gang with Bradley having run and led the operations for almost thirteen years, which drove the Community to have petitions drawn up against him to try and ban him from the community.

Their aim at the moment is to firstly use the one part of the building to create a space and environment in which they can engage with gang members operating there. The idea is to try and develop a Reconstructive Program in conjunction with these gang members similar to how we did with them. I am confident that they are going to pull this off with greater success than we did with them. They have just finished hosting the World Banks International INNOVATION FAIR using the skills and program they were part of developing.